The Case Of Us – ‘Bare Your Feat’ Review

Remember remember, the 30th November? On that day, we introduced the exciting debut single ‘Under It All’ by up and coming Brighton band The Case Of Us, and today they are releasing another song packed with raw energy and clever twists. Lead singer and keyboardist Ebony Grace, guitarist Harrison Milton, bassist Josh Thomas and drummer Conor Bradley have been working tirelessly on their upcoming debut album, crafting a unique and epic sound blending together elements of grunge, jazz, pop and prog, and delivering stellar performances across town.

‘Bare Your Feat’ begins with with heavy drums and distorted guitars à la Nirvana, setting in a garage rock mood nicely balanced with soulful and sassy vocals. This contrast remains throughout the song, where the powerful rock vibe is regularly interspersed with unexpected riffs lifted from other genres: for instance, a playful and resolutely jazzy short piano part after the first chorus adds a cheerful, almost comical touch before the band dives back into serious grunge territory with a distorted guitar solo and screamy chorus, where the vocal dynamics are particularly impressive, alternating gritty shouts and sky-high vibrato.

The production style of the track has a natural feel and retains the energy of the band’s live performance, which is an absolute must-see if you get a chance – their next gig is happening today at the Bee’s Mouth with Smashed Vinyl.

This second single definitely lives up to the previous one and announces a colourful, complex yet fun and dynamic album to come.

Listen to the single here and follow the band on Facebook for gig and album updates.

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